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No phone range, the sounds of the nature coming from all directions or the absolute darkness in which you are unable to see your outstretched hand… What else do I remember from my night trip to Amazon Jungle? Well, it is hard to forget different kinds of spiders lurking in their webs or the view of wild caimans in their natural environment. But let’s start the story from the beginning.

My trip to Amazon Jungle – how has it started?

The group? Just me and seven other people including the guide. The adventure has begun while the sun was still visible on the horizon. To specify the location, the trip took place in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve which is situated in the North-Western part of Ecuador. So, firstly, we arrived by the motor-powered canoe to the Lagoon Grande. The main attraction there, besides the astonishing sunset and breath-taking views, was the opportunity to swim in the Lagoon. Of course, I could not miss this occasion – the water was warm & pleasant. After the refreshing bath, we came back to the land. Although the sun wasn’t visible anymore, the weather in Amazon Jungle was humid and tropical. Although the temperature of the air was still very high, even after the swim, I could not get dry. To be honest, during the whole night, it was hot outside.

Travel stories & Adventure Holidays: My trip to Amazon Jungle - Tauri Travel
My trip to Amazon Jungle – a river & forest while it was almost a night…

What kind of shoes do you need in the jungle? Well, definitely wellington boots. I would never recommend walking in flip-flops, regardless of how hot it’s outside. ? If you are not convinced yet, I should mention that during the night walk, the wild scorpion passed between my feet. You never know what “nope” creatures you will come across. It’s just more sensible to have feet covered from the outside danger. Similarly, never forget about long trousers, long-sleeved hoody and a mosquito net for your face and neck. Safety is paramount even in the middle of nowhere.

Travel stories & Adventure Holidays: My trip to Amazon Jungle - Tauri Travel - a bug
Adventure Holidays: My trip to Amazon Jungle – in the jungle you can see a lot of different insects like this one. 😉

The trip to Amazon Jungle – forget about Facebook…

People addicted to social media may experience problems with sharing information about the survival in the real-time. As I mentioned at the beginning, there is no phone range at all. No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you would need an immediate help because you lost yourself, then you are doomed. The positive aspect of being without access to the range is that you can focus on what is happening at the given moment. Just you, a few people and nature.

Adventure Holidays: My trip to Amazon Jungle - a thumb nail size glass frog
My trip to Amazon Jungle: a really tiny frog in such a big jungle 🙂

Amazon Jungle & Wild Animals

During the walk, I could not recognise all the animals that made noises. Admittedly, I heard sounds emitted by frogs, monkeys, birds and warms. My guide could imitate a few animals, and they reacted by responding with the same sound. At night, Amazon Jungle in full of life. You have to be careful and avoid all the spiders’ nets – our guide informed us that a bite from one spider that lives in the forest might paralyse you for 24 hours. What is an another animal that is active during the night? The answer is caimans. We searched for them during our boat ride, and we managed to find these wild creatures. I still remember this experience well, you have to believe me that seeing animals in their natural environment is an entirely different feeling than admiring them at the zoo. I would say it is much more thrilling and authentic, with a taste of adventure.

Adventure Holidays: My trip to Amazon Jungle - a Caiman, not so easy to see in the dark
My trip to Amazon Jungle: I was so lucky to find it 😉

The trip to Amazon Jungle – is it difficult to get lost?

If you wonder if it is easy to get lost in the jungle, I can ensure you that it’s much easier than you can imagine. Once, while my group was walking (this happened during the day) our guide left us for a moment to see whether we will get confused or not. Although I assess myself as a person who is well-oriented and without any problems I can find a way, for instance, in a city I visit for the first time, the situation at Amazon Jungle is completely different. There are no “classical” paths in the forest. The forest itself is incredibly thick; you don’t leave any traces that you could find while being lost. Also, the views are similar – identically looking trees & plants everywhere. Taking into consideration all of these obstacles that don’t allow determining a correct direction to lodge, I have to admit that every member of our team had a different idea of where we were and how to come back. Fortunately, our guide joined us again after a few minutes, so we didn’t have to panic. 🙂 Guides in the Amazon Jungle know the terrains perfectly. Not only the guide who lead us through the forest but also another person who steered the boat on full gas even in the complete darkness.

Adventure Holidays: My trip to Amazon Jungle - a pencil long, kind of grass hopper ;)
My trip to Amazon Jungle: another interesting creature

Trip to Amazon Jungle – adventure holidays of a lifetime

To whom can I recommend such an adventure? Well, it is a memorable experience for all the nature lovers and for those who like being away from the civilisation. On the other hand, I would discourage from going to Amazon Jungle all the people who are afraid of walking in the total darkness. Even during the day, there is a half-light in the jungle due to the forest’s thickness. Also, choose other option if you have arachnophobia or you are afraid of any other wild animals. You cannot enjoy your trip if you’ll be scared all the time. After all, remember, that although walking in the night in Amazon Jungle can be described as a real adventure, it is considerably safe. Do you want to read more about Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve? Follow the article on Wikipedia.

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