Packing tricks for travel & how to pack for a tour to South America

Adventure holidays in Peru or Ecuador are always exciting, but when you bought a tour to such a place for the first time in your life, the question „how to pack for a tour” seems to be one of the most important. With reference to this issue, people often look for a sophisticated answer, whereas, in reality, the list of necessary items is relatively short. Our article about packing tricks for travel, firstly, explains what to take for a tour to South America and, then, it provides useful tips on how to pack efficiently. 

All that you need is the common sense and only a bit of knowledge, regarding, for instance, the weather in the given country during the period when you want to visit it. There is no need for panic.

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Adventure holidays in South America are really exciting – follow our article to find out useful packing tricks for travel.

How to pack for a tour – take essential items

Packing to South America does not differ much from packing to any sunny country in Europe, such as Greece or Spain regarding the essential things that you must take. After all, Ecuador, Peru or Brazil are developing economies, not the third-world countries, therefore, if you forget to take some necessities, there is no problem to buy it in the major cities. However, if you want to be fully prepared for your journey, below we present the list of must-take items:

–    Sun protection cosmetics (with high SPF),

–    Passport, ID card and other personal documents,

–    Local currency in small nominal,

–    Swimsuit,

–    Cap,

–    Sunglasses,

–    Basic clothes,

–    Mobile phone, camera and charger for both,

–    Comfortable shoes and flip flops.

–    Toothbrush and basic personal toiletries.

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Packing tricks for travel by Tauri Travel

How to pack for a tour – take specific items

It looks quite familiar, isn’t it? However, there are also few specific items about which you cannot forget. In few words, be prepared for changes in altitude when climbing the mountains, for mosquitoes and eventual lack of electricity while visiting, for instance, the jungle in Ecuador. The full list of custom things which will be necessary when travelling in South America contains:

–    Power bank or spare batteries,

–    Socket converter – check what sockets are used in your destination here,

–    Mosquito net (optional when visiting the jungle),

–    Warm sweater and waterproof jacket,

–    Malaria tablets,

–    Mosquito repellent (which contains 50% DEET).

Holidays in Peru and Ecuador are waiting: indicated equipment is enough, and you are ready for the adventures. Information about malaria tablets and relevant mosquito repellent can be obtained in your surgery. Regarding the socket converter, it should be available at the airports or on the local market in the UK.

packing for a tour to South America - packing tricks for travel - how to pack for a tour - make a list - Tauri Travel
When packing, always prepare a list of items you want to take.

5 Tips and packing tricks for travel

Now, we will also indicate tips for packing to South America. What is important, do not take too many things if you are going for the backpacking (with us, you can go, for instance, for “10 Days in Paradise” backpacking tour). Additional kilograms will negatively influence your holiday experience because you will feel tired more quickly and you would move more slowly. Also, leave a space in your back for lovely souvenirs from South America. Finally, if you are aware of any health conditions that may affect your journey, it is better to not forget about taking the medicines.

Good news is that at this moment we create a video to share with you all the packing tricks for travel funnily and engagingly. We hope to publish it here very soon. 🙂 For now, this list should give you an idea on “how to pack” efficiently…

1. Roll all your clothes

Folding clothes is not an efficient way to pack if you want to save much space in your backpack. Rolling is much better. Firstly, it should not take you much time to pack everything you want. Secondly, with saved space, you can bring more South American handicrafts. 😉

2. Use vacuum bags

Once you rolled all your clothes, use vacuum bags to safe even more space. We do not recommend this tip if you are going for a typical backpacking tour and you sleep every night in a different place. Nevertheless, if you are planning to stay just in one or two hostels/hotels, then, with this advice you will be able to pack more personal items.

3. No liquid leaks on a tour

This packing trick for travel is useful if you bring liquids like sun protection cosmetics, perfumes, etc. To prevent leaks, you simply have to put a single layer of a cling-film under a cap of every single cosmetic. It is easy, not time-consuming and can save your entire luggage from being sticky because of the shampoo leak. 🙂

4. Weight and check size of your luggage

Airlines can be very strict regarding the size and weight of the luggage so ensure that you follow actual rules. Even one additional kilogram can become a problem. Remember that every airline may have entirely different requirements. Therefore, even if you managed to follow right dimensions & weight in the case of the first flight to your destination, in a return flight, you may exceed allowed, e.g. height of the luggage. Here, there is a link to an overall guide prepared by Skyscanner team.

5. Use EVERY empty space

Although this tip seems to be very obvious, many people do not realise that “an empty” space is not limited just to space between different items in your suitcase. If you are creative, you may think, for example, about putting socks in your shoes or about putting rolled t-shirts in your hat. When rolling clothes, you can decide to put underwear on yet unrolled clothes – it will also allow saving space.

Packing tricks for travel – the summary

In few words, people who visit South America for the first time sometimes struggle from jet lag or “altitude sickness” which means that you may feel more tired, but, of course, NOT everyone experiences it (you can find out more about altitude sickness here). If you know that you are vulnerable, take the painkillers. To sum up, remember about the essential, few specific items and eventual medicines. In the case of any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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