How to travel safely with money?

How to travel safely with money is a common question, regardless of whether your destination is a country located in Europe, Asia, South America or on another continent. Travellers aim to experience unforgettable adventures during the journey. However, the “adventures” should not necessarily include losing money or being robbed. This guide will allow you to understand better how to prevent those undesired events.

Be suspicious if something is too cheap

Before even starting your journey, you should be careful while making reservations on the websites or personally at the offices of travel agencies. If the offer seems to be “too cheap to be real”, then better ensure that itinerary of the tour includes everything that it should. Otherwise, you may end at the chosen destination being forced to pay additional money for literally every attraction that you wanted to see. You have “green light” to make a purchase when the suspiciously cheap offer includes all elements you want, and you know that the company is financially protected. After all, you can just be lucky and find, for instance, good “last minute” deal. The first point is also associated with buying additional trips during your journey in the local travel agencies.

how to travel safely with money?
how to travel safely with money?

Do not keep all money in one place

This point seems to be quite obvious. However, many people still tend to keep all the money together with their credit card, usually in the wallet. Such behaviour is a mistake, as, if you are unlucky enough to lose the wallet, then you are going to lose everything. We recommend dividing your financial resources into at least two parts. Optimally, it is good to have a credit card in one place, and money, divided into two parts, in two other places. For instance, keep one part of the money in the wallet, the another part in the inner pocket of trousers or jacket and the credit card in a small envelope which you can hide somewhere in the backpack. Now, you can lose your money twice, and you will still possess some emergency funds to survive. Well done.

how to travel safely with money?

Use an inner pocket of your trousers or jacket (eventually choose a money belt)

The third point on the list of how to travel safely with the money was already mentioned in the previous paragraph and it involves simply using the inner pocket of the trousers or jacket. This will prevent you from pickpockets who unfortunately can be found in many countries around the world. Forewarned is forearmed. If you do not possess this wonderful anti-thief solution, then just take a piece of material and needle and DIY. It is not so difficult and if you are unsure of how to start then we encourage you to watch the following tutorial. If you are not talented enough to sew something like shown on the video, then consider buying a money belt (available online in many stores). Hidden under the t-shirt it will also be invisible for strangers.

how to travel safely with money?
how to travel safely with money?

Do not get unnecessary attention

You can be visible in the crowd, when you have or wear costly items, for instance, a watch, mobile phone or clothes in general. By getting unnecessary attention, you may become a target for thieves who will be ensured that their loot will be worth taking the action of robbing. There is nothing wrong with possessing lots of money. However, different destinations have a different economic situation. Therefore, it is wise to try stirring into the crowd, so the chances that you will become a potential victim are smaller. Also, when you pay in the shop, don’t show everyone that your pocket or wallet is full of notes.

How to hide money when travelling?

The video below answers this question. 🙂 We hope it will be useful for you.

How to travel safely with money – summary

The answer for “how to travel safely with money?” is quite simple. When following the four tips given above, your money is more likely to stay with you along the whole journey. 🙂 As always, all that you need is the common sense and maybe a bit of smartness. We wish you safe and happy travels! Also, if you know other useful tips, share them with us in the comments.

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