Long-Distance Buses in Peru

Planes, buses, taxis and tuk-tuks: they are all available options when you need transport in Peru. In this article, we will focus on long-distance buses only. Also, we will examine what the main advantages and disadvantages of them are. In general, long-distance buses in Peru may be international or intercity, comfortable or inconvenient, of high-standard or low quality. In few words, transport options are diverse regarding numerous categories, and it is not possible to summarise it with one or two adjectives.

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Are Buses Comfortable?

Travelling in Peru for the first time can be a surprise for the Europeans who chose to move between cities by bus. Intercity buses are comfortable enough to give you a pleasant journey. Usually, you can adjust the seat a bit. In the case of the international long-distance buses, the situation is even better. They are convenient as the seats can be lowered to about 140 degrees. For the little higher price it is possible to buy a seat which can be lowered up to 160 degrees. If a traveller decides to buy a regular seat, it is also of the reasonably good standard. By good standard, we understand that there is enough legroom even for a member of our team who’s height is 6 feet (190 cm). Seats themselves are soft and comfy. Travelling during the day is a good idea as views from the window are often beautiful and diverse. Also, sometimes there is air conditioning. However, during overnight courses, passengers can quickly relax and just sleep so, the journey is not that tiring. Roads in Peru are not in fatal condition, maybe except from the road from Piura to Tumbes which is indeed challenging. However, regarding the majority of the routes, they are pretty good: there aren’t many wheel-ruts and cracks holes. Therefore, time in bus passes without annoying shaking.

buses in Peru - travel like a local - tauri travel

Interesting Details

Buses in Peru are affordable regarding the price. Also, it is easy to find a bus basically to every location as there are many operators, especially in the major cities. You can easily catch intercity buses as well as international ones. Among the latter, Peru-Ecuador is the example. If you are staying in Peru only, don’t worry. Intercity connections are also numerous, and they work on the „hop-in, hop-off system”. It means that often you can catch a bus even if you are not at the bus stop. However, the driver will not be waiting long for you to jump in. Local people tend to get on the bus and then sell their food, for instance, bakeries or cakes. So if you forget to take your snacks with you, the rescue is likely to arrive. Regarding crowd, buses are usually full. However, some routes are more popular than others.

buses in Peru - travel like a local - tauri travel


What about safety? Well, in general, buses are safe. Nevertheless, it is better not to leave luggage unattended. As there is enough space for the legs, you can put there your backpack with essentials. Keep the documents and money separately in the money belt. Peruvians usually have a positive attitude, and they like to talk. Therefore, they may initiate the conversation during the journey. There is nothing to be scared about as people are friendly and they do not bother the passengers. At least, this is the conclusion based on the experience of the Tauri Travel team.

Buses in Peru – Summary

To sum up, we recommend travelling by bus in Peru. This is a convenient and affordable mean of transport which will get you closer to the local culture. Travelling through Peru by bus may become an exciting experience. Buses are cheaper and more sustainable for the environment than planes. In the case of any questions, please, contact the member of our team. Also, we encourage you to follow us on social media, e.g. on Twitter.

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