An Incan citadel from XV century located on the mountain over 2400 m (7900 ft) over the sea level. It is one of the seven new wonders of the world. It is located in the Cusco Region, near Aguas Calientes. Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, the Incan Citadel due to its dramatic location and surrounding scenery will surely impress you as you have never seen anything like it.While exploring the complex of temples, palaces, and plazas, you can feel the spirit of Incas and lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

Translation of Machu Picchu from the Quechua language means “old peak”. It was build in the middle of XV century, however, because of the Spanish conquest just about 100 years later it was abandoned. This place is declared as a Peruvian Historical Sanctuary.

We recommend visiting Machu Picchu to travellers who love nature as well as history and culture of Incas. No one should be disappointed with this place as it is one of the most iconic locations in South America, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals rating-four-stars

Adventure rating-four-stars

Culture rating-four-stars

Historical heritage rating-five-stars

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– Wayna Picchu.

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