The historical part of the city centre is listed by the UNESCO on the World Heritage Site since 1988. There are many architectural “treasures” in Lima, for instance, the Cathedral, the Monastery of San Francisco or the Palace of Torre Tagle.

Besides Museum of Natural History and Museum of Art, you can visit there Larco Museum and National Museum of the Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru. The last one should attract attention as it is the oldest and the largest museum in Peru which possesses around 100,000 items of cultural or historical interest.

Lima is also known for its numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars when you can try local cuisine and discover new tastes. As the city was influenced by several waves of immigration, surely you can find some European or African cuisines. If you are a fan of street food, then you would also find something for yourself. If you are looking specifically for fun, lots of festivals take place in the capital of Peru.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals Lima, Peru

Adventure rating-one-star-tauri-travel-adventure-holiday

Culture rating-four-stars

Historical heritage rating-five-stars

– Museum of Natural History,

– Museum of Art,

– National Museum of the Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru,

– Cathedral,

– Monastery of San Francisco,

– Palace of Torre Tagle,

– Plaza de Armas of Lima

– Sanctuary of Las Nazarenas.

–    Sightseeing,

–    Shopping,

–    Exploring local cuisine,

–    Relaxing in the cafes/bars.

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