Located at the altitude of 3809 m above the sea level, Lake Titicaca is placed on the border of Bolivia and Peru. We recommend visiting this lake in Puno, Peru. From this city, you can take a cruise to see Uros Floating Islands well-known for being made from the canes by the inhabitants.

Also, from Puno, there is an opportunity to take a fantastic cruise to Amantani Island or to Taquile Island where you can find the Quechua speakers. On the second island, the inhabitants are known as Taquileños, and they are famous for the hand-made production of high-quality clothing. By taking a cruise on Lake Titicaca, you can, indeed, permeate with the South American culture.

Due to its location on the high altitude, it is usually quite cold (10-14 degrees is the temperature of the surface). Therefore, swimming may be a bit challenging or refreshing. ? Don’t forget about the warm clothes, the sunglasses, and a sun cream while visiting this destination.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals


Culture rating-four-stars

Historical heritage rating-four-stars

– Uros Floating Islands,
– Taquile Island,
– Amantani Island,
– Puno,
– Beautiful views of Lake Titicaca.

– Taking a boat cruise on lake Titicaca,
– Sightseeing,
– Relaxing.

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