Arequipa is the second most populous city in Peru, just after Lima. The city offers the excellent viewpoint, called “Mirador de Yanahuara” with the view of El Misti volcano. If one volcano in the area is still not enough, Chachani volcano is also located in the Arequipa region.

The UNESCO listed the old, historic part of the city in their World Heritage Site. In Arequipa, we encourage tourists to see the main square “Plaza de Armas”, basilica, the monastery of St. Catherine and San Camilo market which offers incalculable fresh fruits. Or, if you prefer something different, go shopping to the market located in the city centre, near Plaza de Armas. You can buy there many hand-made souvenirs, e.g. blankets, scarfs or bags. Besides historical buildings and monuments, travellers can also relax in one of the many parks within the city.

Finally, you can also explore the traditional cuisine of Peru as well as go to the numerous cafes and pubs.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals


Culture rating-four-stars

Historical heritage rating-four-stars

– El Misti volcano,

– The viewpoint: “Mirador de Yanahuara”,

– Main square: “Plaza de Armas”,

– Plaza San Francisco,

– The monastery of St. Catherine,

– San Camilo market.

– and much more.

– Sightseeing,

– Climbing El Misti Volcano,

– Biking,

– Visiting local restaurants, cafes, and pubs,

– Shopping.

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