The official name of the Ecuadorian capital is San Francisco de Quito. If you want to visit this place, don’t forget about warm sweater as the average yearly temperature is only 14 degrees. Quito is the second most populous city in Ecuador and, with Polish Kraków, it was the first World Cultural Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. The history of this capital reaches back to XVI century: it was established on the foundations of an Incan city.

From the economic point of view, Quito takes second place regarding the highest income per capita. It can be described as a huge montanous metropoly surrounded by few volcanos. We recommend visiting this place for everone who likes sightseeing and want to experience being in the middle of the world. The capital architecture differs from European one. To what extent? Obtain the answer by visiting this city with us.

What can you expect

Nature & wild animals what to see in Quito Ecuador Tauri Travel


Culture rating-four-stars

Historical heritage rating-five-stars

– Mitad del Mundo,

– historic part of the city,

– Church “Iglesia de La Compania de Jesus”,

– presidential palace,

– Panecillo hill,

– local market.

– sightseeing,

– taking cable car,

– trekking the mountains,

– horse riding,

– biking.

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