We recommend Puerto Lopez to all travellers who would like to improve Spanish skills as we offer private or group lessons in the local school. However, the village is also a perfect place to spend standard holidays, as the average temperature is about 27 degrees and numerous sandy beaches allow to relax. From June to October travellers can also take part in the whale watching which is one of the main attractions for the tourists. During other months it is impossible to be bored too: available activities include surfing, diving or biking. An another interesting experience which you can gain in Puerto Lopez is moving from one location to others by tuk-tuk taxi, a small vehicle that is used as conventional transport within the borders of the village.

In National Park of Machalilla, which is located just 10 minutes by bus from Puerto Lopez, lives the Salango community which has the history & culture that reaches back 5000 years. This community supports eco-tourism and promotion of the region. When visiting Machalilla, the Research Center and Museum Salango is a must-see for all fans of history.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals rating-three-stars

Adventure rating-three-stars

Culture rating-three-stars

Historical heritage rating-four-stars

– numerous sandy beaches: e.g. Los Frailes,

– the National Park of Machalilla,

– Museum Salango,

– the island Isla de la Plata which is also called the Little Galapagos,

– wild animals, e.g. pelicans.

– relaxing on the beach,

– diving,

– surfing,

– whale watching (dependent on the season),

– moving by tuk-tuk,

– trekking,

– biking,

– learning Spanish in the local school.

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