Mindo Valley, like Baños, is a compulsory destination for tourists who like being active on holidays. You can try there, for instance, rafting, mountain biking or canyoning.

For people who are not willing to spend time doing activities connected to the sport, Mindo offers a chance to see beautiful waterfalls. Also, there is the possibility to observe many species of wild birds and butterflies.

In Mindo, which was established in XIX century, now lives approximately 3000 people. Although it is a small town, it’s a quite popular location for tourists. You can find there few restaurants and cafes & bars, where you can spend your free time. The rural area of Mindo will allow you to relax and enjoy the nature. Trekking is among highly recommended activities.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals Mindo Valley Ecuador

Adventure rating-five-stars

Culture rating-one-star-tauri-travel-adventure-holiday

Historical heritage rating-one-star-tauri-travel-adventure-holiday

– waterfalls,

– numerous species of wild birds,

– numerous species of wild butterflies,

– stunning landscapes.

– tubing,

– rafting,

– mountain biking,

– trekking,

– canyoning,

– horseback riding,

– bird watching.

Discover nature in Mindo Valley

Backpacking for 3-10

A bite of culture and a sip of nature

Guided backpacking tour operated in private services. You can expect constantly changing scenery and environment which will make you speechless.
16 days
12 years
Backpacking for 3-10

Under the waterfalls

Guided backpacking to Ecuador operated in private services. Waterfalls are a heart of the tour.
12 days
10 years

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