The archipelago consists of thirteen islands: the most popular are Isabela, Santa Cruz, and San Cristobal. The famous visitor of Galapagos was Charles Darwin which many times used his observations from the journey in the development of the theory of evolution. The archipelago is of the volcanic origin and, what is interesting, some islands are still during the process of creation.

The tourism is the primary source of income for inhabitants but unfortunately, also the biggest threat to the islands. Tauri Travel realises this issue, and we take the actions to make the tours environmental friendly. Therefore, travelling with us will allow you to leave the positive impact on local community and does not harm the animals. Choose Galapagos if you are a nature lover and adventure seeker.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals rating-five-stars

Adventure rating-five-stars

Culture rating-one-star-tauri-travel-adventure-holiday

Historical heritage rating-one-star-tauri-travel-adventure-holiday

Wild animals in their natural environment:

– penguins,

– seals,

– tortoises,

– blue-footed boobies,

– crabs,

– flamingos,

– iguanas,

– stingrays,

– sharks and more.



– volcanos,

– stunning landscapes,

– numerous beaches.

– sightseeing,

– walking and trekking,

– snorkelling,

– boat rides,

– local excursions,

– surfing,

– biking,

– relaxing on the beach.

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