Cotopaxi National Park was established in 1975, and its surface is around 334 km2. It is a home for various plants and animals. The species which live in the area of the park are, for example, condor, Andean bear, wild horse, wolf, fox, puma, and hummingbird. The temperature in this place does not exceed 20 degrees often, so better don’t forget about warm clothes, as it may be quite cold (especially during the night when the temperature is low).

The main attraction of the park, the Cotopaxi volcano, is an active, partially snow-covered stratovolcano which has a shape of an almost ideal cone. Climbing this volcano is possible. However, a tourist is not allowed to attempt it without a licensed guide. Cotopaxi is the second highest peak in Ecuador (the first one is Chimborazo). Beautiful landscapes and an occasion for a good walk are guaranteed. Choose this location if you love nature & trekking.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals Cotopaxi National Park

Adventure rating-five-stars

Culture rating-one-star-tauri-travel-adventure-holiday

Historical heritage rating-one-star-tauri-travel-adventure-holiday

– Partially snow-covered Cotopaxi volcano,

– Beautiful landscapes of the national park,

– Wild animals,

– Diverse flora.

– Walking

– Trekking,

– Climbing,

– Animal watching.

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