Amazon Rainforest covers many South American countries, for instance, Brasil, Peru, Colombia or Venezuela. We invite you for the Jungle adventure to Ecuador, more specifically to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve which covers 603,380 ha of the rainforest.

This place is inhabited by wild animals, lush flora, and three communities: the Sionas, the Secoyas, and the Cofans. Regarding the landscape, Cuyabeno provides an opportunity to admire lagoons, lakes, rivers and dense forests which are all full of life.

If you are tired of cars, crowd and civilisation in general, escaping to the jungle for few days may relax you. Although jungle is noisy too, the sounds of Cuyabeno are the composition of the murmuring of animals, the rustling of plants and the buzzing of insects.

Such an accompaniment makes a person feel closer to nature. Of course, nobody is allowed to touch wild animals. However, every traveller can feel free to photograph the beauty of the Reserve without any fees.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals  



Historical heritage  

Wild animals & plants:

– different kinds of monkeys,

– toucans, parrots and other birds,

– butterflies,

– river dolphins,

– caimans,

– reptiles,

– snakes

– orchids,

– lianas,

– giant trees,

– and much more.

– walking in the jungle during the day and night,

– swimming in the Cuyabeno river or Laguna Grande,

– meeting a shaman and the local community,

– hearing the wild sounds of the jungle.

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