From various beaches of Machalilla province, through valleys and waterfalls of Baños, up to the wild Amazon Jungle. It all belongs to Ecuador, a country of diverse and contrasting scenery which will make you speechless. The country where you can experience the different world from the one you know. Turn on your adventure and explore the following locations


Lovely, little town for adventure seekers located in the door-steps of the volcano Tungurahua.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

See monkeys jumping in the trees, colourful birds flying above your head or feel a bit of thrill trying to find a legendary anaconda snake.


In this destination, you can admire one of the highest volcanos in the world – the Cotopaxi volcano. The height of Cotopaxi is 5897 m (19347 ft) over the sea level.


The city centre of Cuenca is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to its architecture, it is one of the most „European” cities in Ecuador.


On Galapágos, you can encounter freely walking giant turtles, iguanas or seals. Wild animals like to take sunbath by the sea just like most of the travellers.


Mindo, also known as the Cloud Forest, is green, a little town located on the western slopes of The Andes.

Puerto Lopez

This little fishing village with only 16000 inhabitants is full of life. By visiting Puerto Lopez, you can relax on the sandy beaches and enjoy many attractions.


The capital of Ecuador located over 2.800 m above the sea level. As the equator goes there, you can experience being in the north and on the south hemispheres of the Earth at the same time.