Salta, due to its architecture and overall appearance, could be mistaken with one of the Andalusian cities. It was founded in 1582 by a Spanish conquistador, Hernando de Lerma. What to see in Salta? Well, the city offers many attraction for its visitors including the main cathedral, a cable car or beautiful Plaza del Lago. It is also a very cultural place with several different museums. You may have the opportunity to enjoy some art exhibitions, festival or shows which often occurs in this destination. We also recommend you discovering local South American cuisine.

The city is also well-known for its lovely weather. The average temperature in June and July equals 12 degrees whereas in December and January it is 22 degrees. The rainfall season lasts around from November to March.

What can you expect:

Nature & wild animals Salta Argentina Tauri Travel rating

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Historical heritage 

– Cathedral of Salta,
– San Francisco Church,
– Plaza Del Lago,
– Mitre Street,
– Ninth of July Plaza.

– Sightseeing,
– Taking a ride on the Cable Car.
– Visiting museums & other attractions,
– Discovering local cafes and restaurants.

Essential information about Salta

Average monthly temperatures

Average min and max temperatures in Salta, Argentina

What are the average prices in Salta?

We recommend you visit this link. Here, you can find updated information about the average costs of food, housing, transportation, clothes, personal care and entertainment in Salta. 🙂 This surely will help you to get ready for visiting this lovely destination!

What are the entry requirements to Argentina?

If you are a holder of a British passport, you can read an article about entry requirements to Argentina here. Tauri Travel team prepares this section, and it’s based on information available on If you don’t have a British passport, contact us on, e.g. Messenger and we will try to help you with finding information. 🙂

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