The country full of colours and contrasts. Explore the wonders of nature including astonishing Iguazu Falls in the North or Perito Moreno glacier in the South. When visiting Argentina, necessarily experience cuisine, museums and tango shows. Turn on your adventure and let us show you:

Iguazu Falls

You can visit these waterfalls, either, from Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) or from Puerto Iguazú (Argentina). The Argentinian and Brazilian Iguazu National Parks are listed separately on UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We recommend you visiting waterfalls from both countries.

Buenos Aires

“The Paris of South America”, this is how sometimes people call Buenos Aires. Discover numerous museums and relax in parks and gardens. Also, a must-see is Plaza de Mayo – the main square created in 1580 as well as the Caminito which is a colourful street museum.


Salta, due to its architecture and overall appearance, could be mistaken with one of the Andalusian cities. It was found in 1582 by a Spanish conquistador, Hernando de Lerma.