Adventure Holidays: What Are They?

Adventure holidays are, by holidays which „involves some physically challenging activity such as canoeing, rock climbing, etc.”(1). The other definition states that it is „a leisure activity that takes place in an unusual, exotic or remote destination and tends to be associated with high levels of involvement and activity by the participants”(2). What is Tauri Travel’s definition of this notion? Well, for us, adventure holidays can relate to all, unique destination, extreme activities, enjoying journey alongside with the native inhabitants of the country and more. We realise that the word „adventure” may be understood differently by every traveller, so we try to present many aspects of this kind of tourism. Undeniably, adventure should be equal to something uncommon, special, memorable and, finally, a bit crazy but still safe.

adventure holidays in Bolivia
Adventure holidays in Bolivia

4 dimensions of adventure holidays

Dimension 1: uncommon destinations

Providing an exact definition of an uncommon destination is hard. A perception of such a place may differ depending on where were you born. A person from Peru rather does not seem Peru as such a mysterious and distant place. Conversely, if you are European, you will not think about Spain as uncommon destinations too. For people from the UK, countries like Ecuador or Chile may fit into the definition of the exotic place. Nevertheless, within those destinations, you can visit both, iconic and completely unknown places. Mitad del Mundo may fit into the first category as it is a trendy location. Regarding the less-known attraction, we can give Cuicocha crater as an example. When travelling with Tauri Travel, you will, of course, visit exotic destinations. However, we will also take you to less known places within those countries.

adventure holidays
Adventure holidays in Bolivia

Dimension 2: sport

If you are confident that your health condition allows you to do some extreme sports, then we highly recommend trying something new! I can ensure you that adrenaline rush stays in the memory for the long period. Within Ecuador, you can try extreme sports in Baños and Mindo. Of course, not all people are willing or able to try new activities. Holidays may be adventurous as well if you do, for example, trekking around the lake located in the volcano (Laguna Quilotoa). Also, riding a bike in an area surrounded by the numerous waterfalls (Baños) for me is an adventure. Remember that sport may be an adventure which also improves your health. Moreover, on the other hand, dangerous activities may cause much harm. So better do not try sport irrelevant for you just to prove something. Safety and health are always the most important things.

adventure holidays in Peru
Adventure holidays in South America

Dimension 3: the locals

People, who choose mass tourism, often knows only those locals who work in their hotel. Meeting native inhabitants may become an adventure too as you can learn something new about different culture including their habits, standard of life, the appearance of the cities, villages and the history. Even moving by a local public transport can become a kind of adventure. Either in Puerto Lopez, Ecuadorian Jungle or Puno you can meet autochthon societies with uncommon for Europeans culture and, very often, with a long history. For instance, near Puerto Lopez lives Salango community which roots reach back 5000 years. Direct contact with another culture is very enriching: you can feel like a real explorer when visiting people who live by nature, without computers, phones and TV.

Dimension 4 – food

Adventure holidays and food? Well, food probably was not a first thing that you thought of after you heard the term „adventure holidays”. However, the exotic meal can actually provide excitement and sometimes even be a little scary to try. For example, would you be ready to eat a guinea pig? Alternatively, if you are a vegetarian, what about bananas cooked in the oven with mozzarella cheese and sugar? Or, a fried banana with spinach, cottage cheese and eggs?

adventure holidays in Peru - Tauri Travel
Adventure holidays in Peru

Adventure holidays & responsible travelling

Responsible travelling is a term related to sustainable tourism. It is concerned with bringing some benefits to the society as well to the environment of the given destination. Adventure holidays can be associated with travelling responsibly, however, just being on an adventure does not necessarily mean that a tourist keeps in mind most important aspects of sustainable tourism. For instance, he/she can choose an exotic destination, try extreme sports or eat in local restaurants, but still, leave rubbish in the forest or disturb wild animals and don’t care about water usage. In the opinion of our team, adventure holidays and responsible travelling are the perfect combinations. If you want to learn more, we encourage you to read our guide on responsible travelling which focuses especially on nature and animal care -> Link.

Are adventure holidays really for me?

If you are reading this article, you are somehow interested in the adventure holidays so we believe that it might be for you. This text proved that adventure holiday is a broad term. Therefore, whether you like exotic food or wild animals, this kind of tourism is for you. Let us know in the comment what you think. 🙂

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