Learning Spanish in Peru

Learning a new language is always a big challenge. Lots of people consider this activity to be troublesome and time-consuming. If you don’t want to sacrifice two or three hours every week just to revise grammar and words from boring textbooks, you might consider transforming the learning into a unique, unrepeatable experience. Becoming a student in the Spanish school in Peru provides such an opportunity and in this article it will be discussed why. In general, becoming a Spanish learner in South America is very easy: all you need to start the adventure on another continent is willingness.

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A photo from Bolivia.

About the schools

In an average Peruvian school, you can book, either, individual and group lessons. There is an emphasis on talking. Therefore, especially people with the language barrier can quickly notice the progress of their ability to speak. Regarding other activities, Peruvian Spanish schools do not differ much from the European ones. Students have the opportunity to improve reading skills as well as writing and grammar. Concerning the number of the lessons, the schools are flexible. Some students may be willing to learn two hours twice a week; other may want to have 4-hour classes every day. There is also no problem to stop the course and resume it after a break. This is a great option for the explorers who wish to travel through Peru. Learning Spanish could become a priority or just the background activity during the journey. In general, the cultural experience is what counts here. Imagine yourself learning Spanish in Arequipa, in the classroom with the window view of the giant volcano. Exoticism and a breath of adventure provide a more authentic learning experience. Many Peruvian schools also help with the accommodation issue, and some of them even offer the possibility of booking rooms for the students. Nevertheless, besides standard student accommodation, there are more options. Living with local family or staying at hotel or hostel are some of them.

Arequipa Peru learning Spanish in Peru
Learning Spanish in Peru | Arequipa

Learning from the culture

Learning Spanish in Peru has one main advantage which undeniably is the possibility to use Spanish on a daily basis. Peruvian people encourage learners to talk, and they are happy that someone is trying to speak in his or her language. During two weeks in Peru, an average person can learn much more than during a month of the classical course taken in the native country. It happens because a learner can listen how autochthons speak and familiarise himself with the accent and the nuances of the language. Finally, choosing Peru for learning Spanish is the perfect option for the fans of the South American culture. Becoming familiar with the distant customs, indeed counts as an additional advantage of taking a course in Peru. Instead of going for the lazy holidays, you might consider choosing the mix of learning and leisure. The unique experience will enhance your CV and make you more competitive in the job market. While obtaining a new skill, you can relax and enjoy the exotic beauty of South America.

A photo of Arequipa - learning Spanish in Peru can be fascinating! tauri travel
A photo of Arequipa – learning Spanish in Peru can be fascinating!

How to start?

Tauri Travel helps brave learners to get in touch with the local Spanish schools in South America. If you are interested in gaining precious experience, feel free to contact our friendly team as we possess the extensive knowledge about this topic. The ex-student of the Spanish school in Arequipa can provide you additional clues, tips and all other information that you are curious about. Shortly, it is not difficult to start fulfilling your dreams. The willingness of discovering the world is the only requirement to begin the wonderful adventure. Meanwhile, we invite you to Ecuadorian Puerto Lopez Spanish School. If you want to start learning Spanish on your own, Duolingo platform is a good start.

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