South America: travel by colours!

An idea is simple: instead of considering the destination by the location or available attractions, choose it by the… colour. Does a phrase “travel by colours” sounds weird? This article will prove that, at least in South America, many destinations possess a dominant colour which can make your journey even more attractive. Green landscapes would relax you, yellow can warm your soul, whereas cool blue would be very refreshing.

Endless whiteness

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. This largest salt flat in the world is covered by the thick layer of salt crust, therefore, during the dry season, white is a dominant colour here. This hue is believed to enhance optimism and improve the mood. A traveller under stress may feel quite relaxed and calm in such a place.

travel by colours Bolivia Tauri Travel
travel by colours: Salar de Uyuni

The city full of red

La Paz in Bolivia is a fascinating city where you can find the presidential palace as well as the government headquarters, even though the city is officially not capital. Many buildings in La Paz are built of air brick, and red is the predominant colour in the city. Red is known as a colour which adds energy. You can choose this destination if you often feel tired and need an incentive to be active. The warm and vivid hue of the city is undeniably charming.

travel by colours La Paz Tauri Travel
travel by colours: La Paz

Yellow like the Moon Valley

The next location is again located in Bolivia, near La Paz. Once you feel a bit overwhelmed by crimson of the city, you can change the destination and choose moon valley which will delight you by its soft yellow shades. Yellow is associated with joy and optimism as this a colour of the sun. Travellers would feel being in a good mood while being surrounded by this hue. Besides yellow, moon valley is full of beige, red and different shades of light brown.

travel by colours Moon Valley Tauri Travel
travel by colours: Moon Valley

Wild green in the wild forest

Ecuador is well-known for its Amazon rainforest, where you can find numerous species of wild animals and experience being outside of any civilisation. Green is a dominant colour in this destination – the shades of nature are recognised for their sedative effect and bringing relief to mind. When surrounded by this colour, a traveller can relax and rest. Therefore, we recommend this destination to people who deal with stressful situations of with too many responsibilities at the workplace or in the private life.

Amazon Jungle travel by colours Tauri Travel
travel by colours: Amazon Jungle

Deep lake, deep blue

Lake Titicaca, which is situated on the border of Bolivia and Peru, is full of beautiful views. The average depth of the lake equals 107 m (351 ft), and the dominant colour of the landscapes is as deep as the lake itself. Cold blue is considered to be restful and refreshing. Just like green, it helps to relax and – again it is recommended for people who want to decrease the feeling of stress.

Lake Titicaca Tauri Travel
travel by colours: Lake Titicaca

Get lost in black

Sierra Negra on the Galápagos Islands is the final destination which will be discussed. It is a massive volcano situated on the Isabela Island, known for being the most active volcano from the Galápagos. While visiting this location, you can admire the mysterious, uncommon landscape, full of black. Although black often reminds negativity, the relevant dose of this colour can help to calm. Also, the rare view probably would be more memorable, and it provides an exciting experience.

travel by colours Tauri Travel
travel by colours: Galapagos

Travel by colours – summary

To sum up, South America is a continent full of colours – each of them brings to a traveller’s life different associations, memories and experience. Above analysis is indisputable proof that the landscapes from this continent are very diverse and fascinating. Hence, we encourage you to sink into numerous shades of South America and visit every destination. Find us also on Facebook. May the colours be with you!

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