Adventure holidays – idea for a gap year

This article is written with the dedication mainly for students, who usually have enough flexibility during their studies to be able to sacrifice one year just to gain some experience in employment or volunteering. However, if you are an adult who would like to do something crazy, this post is also for you! Our idea for a gap year is simple: do something that you always dreamed about, however, at the same time, learn a lot and acquire new skills that will be useful during the future employment. 

Our idea for a gap year


Step 1: Learn Spanish (in Ecuador)

There are 470 million people who are the native speakers of Spanish – we don’t even consider people for whom Spanish is the second or third language in this statistic. Notice that nowadays, to become a competitive player in the job market, you usually have to present more than just the proof that you finished university. The knowledge of another language is useful and gives you a comparative advantage. And what if could join learning with the fun & adventure? Our idea for a gap year is the following: take a flight to Ecuador and travel to Puerto Lopez – a lovely small town located just near the Pacific Ocean. Once you are there, you can start learning Spanish in the Puerto Lopez Spanish School – there are many options for the individual as well as group lessons, and you can stay here one week or even a few months.

idea for a gap year - learn Spanish in Puerto Lopez Spanish School - sandy beach - Tauri Travel
Idea for a gap year: learn Spanish in Puerto Lopez Spanish School and enjoy sandy beaches.

What can you expect from our school?

Well, nice temperatures, healthy food, long sandy beaches are the benefits which come gratis with the destination. While sacrificing 2-4 hours for learning, the rest of the day you can spend relaxing, exploring nearby locations or taking surf lessons. Your CV will be enriched by new skill and experience whereas you will rest during long, exotic adventure holidays. Isn’t it a win-win? If you are already a Spanish student from the UK, ask your university about the possibility of covering part of the costs as some students may be qualified for financial help when choosing this option.

Step 2. Travel, travel, travel!

Once you brush up your language skills, take some time to visit a few iconic places. Travelling to exotic destinations will enrich you as a person and will give you an opportunity for increasing chances of getting a job within the tourism industry in the future. If you want to become a part of the travel agency team, experience in travelling is usually essential. The experience that you gained during the gap year may impress potential employers who seek for brave, communicative people who aren’t afraid of challenging tasks. Even if you don’t wish to work in this particular industry, the adventure travels, would at least you help you in developing desirable for employers traits, for instance, flexibility, openness or extroversion.

Idea for a gap year - a beach near Puerto Lopez Spanish School - Tauri Travel
Idea for a gap year – a beach near Puerto Lopez Spanish School (around 10 minutes by bus + 15 minutes walking)

How is it possible that travel develops our character? Well, while going abroad, you have to quickly adjust to the new rules, law and partially unknown culture of a given place. You gain a broader perspective on the world and can adapt faster to the new environment. Sounds like a great advantage when you seek for a new job, doesn’t it? However, not all kinds of travels will enhance those skills. For instance, relaxing on the beach from the morning to evening and then partying till the middle of the night would not help you at all regarding issues like adaption or learning. The holidays that should seek for are rather associated with sightseeing and learning about local attractions, studying customs of the new cultures as well as being responsible during the whole tour. By the term responsible, we mean travelling in such a way that does no harm the local community or environment.

The idea for a gap year - Machu Picchu - Peru - adventure travel - Tauri Travel
The idea for a gap year – travel a lot and visit, for instance, Machu Picchu citadel. Exploring a new culture is a unique experience.

The idea for a gap year – summary

If you like our idea for a gap year, get in touch! We can make it real for the coming academic year 2017/2018 – it still is not too late to organise everything. 🙂 It does not matter if you thought about a gap year for a long time or if you just read this article randomly. Learn basics or enhance your Spanish skills. Then, be ready for the real adventure (and don’t get bankrupt while doing all of this). With us, you can visit Ecuador with Galapagos Islands, Peru with its famous Machu Picchu citadel, Bolivia including Salar de Uyuni and Easter Island in Chile.

Would you like to go for a gap year? Maybe you had a chance to experience it, e.g. during your studies? Tell us your travel stories in the comments. 🙂 We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook.


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