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The members of Tauri Travel are (almost) normal people so feel free to contact us whenever you need advice or have a question regarding the offers. Travelling is our passion. Therefore, we are happy to talk about this topic all the time. We do not have an office open from 9 to 5. Instead, we are mobile and flexible. Although sometimes all Tauri travellers are on the journeys, we will provide you answers & solutions as soon as we get the opportunity to do so. Our staff is friendly, experienced and open-minded. We can help you during the process of choosing the tour, making a reservation and, of course, we provide support when you are with us on dreamed holidays in South America. You can contact us by:

How long will it take you to answer?


It depends. We hope to answer immediately when possible. Please, notice, that when all members of our team are on another continent, there is a quite large time difference between Europe and South America (from 4 to 8 hours). Therefore, when contacting the office in the morning, for us it may be the middle of the night. However, we will respond after we wake up, so don’t worry when your question is ignored. 🙂 In general, we aim to respond within the same day, but delays may occur.


What advice can you provide?


All issues connected to the itineraries of every tour, information about our company, advice on what to take for the journey, basic information about flights, South American culture, safety on another continent, advice on which tour would fit your needs and much more. Whether you are not sure which location would you like to visit or what animals can you see in Galapagos, do not hesitate to contact us.


Feedback is important to us


Although we give 100% of ourselves, we are open for feedback, especially during the tour. The earlier you will share with us your opinion, the earlier we can change something to increase your satisfaction.


What languages can you speak?


Although at this moment our tours are in English only, the customer support is operated by people who, besides English, can communicate in Spanish and Polish as well. Therefore, you can write us a message in your native language if you feel comfier by doing so.

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