Your satisfaction is the most important aspect of our job. We believe that sharing our passion with engagement and responsibility is the key to success. This success can be achieved only due to high flexibility from our side. So, how exactly can we respond to your needs? What makes Tauri Travel special?


Individual approach when choosing an offer

If you do not know which trip to choose, the friendly team of Tauri Travel will help you to start. We will discuss your expectations, experience and budget to find an ideal tour! What criteria are important? You can tell us about:

– what kind of adventure would you like to take,

– are you a nature lover?

– do you like big cities?

– do you like sport?

– have you got any special interests?

– how much money would you like to spend?

– what temperatures & weather do you like?


Any other issues? We are happy to discuss them while choosing an offer. Also, we will not try to sell you a tour at all costs. If any of our offers will have some aspects that we believe that may not meet your expectations, we will simply tell you about it. For instance, we will not recommend travelling to La Paz for someone with altitude sickness. We treat your well-being very seriously.


tailor made holidays Galapagos islands

Tailor made holidays on Galapagos Islands

Modify a tour

We are flexible, so if you want to modify the trip, we can change an offer to some extent or create a new itinerary just for you. We would just need a bit of time to check the availability of all services that you wish to include and for preparing the quotation. Whether you are, for example, a single traveller, the couple or small group of friends, we will fit the tour to your needs. The only thing you need to do is to contact us and describe the journey from your dreams. 🙂

Tailor made holidays on Uros Floating Islands - Tauri Travel
Tailor made holidays on Uros Floating Islands

Flexible Dates

Choose the dates that best suit you. We understand you may want to choose such dates that will allow you to book the cheapest flights or that will match your holidays at work. That is why we do not indicate the exact dates for our tours.