Tauri Travel – adventure holidays to Latin America

By definition, adventure holidays involves challenging activities such as extreme sports or visiting unique destinations. Having this statement in mind, we create tours which together contain all kinds of adventures, so, whatever you understand by this word, you would not be disappointed. Our customers can simply choose a tour which best fits their adventurous expectations. What activities exactly do we offer?
We present you four dimensions of an adventure.


Extreme Sports: be active!

Read our itineraries carefully to find out in what locations you can try challenging sports. An example of such a place is Banos: a small town where you attempt paragliding, bridge jumping, canyoning and more. We also recommend Puerto Lopez for fans of surfing. Visiting South America is an amazing adventure itself, however, in many of our tours, we offer you the possibility to enhance your experience by combining physical activities with the joy of being in the exotic location.

adventure holidays to Latin America Tauri Travel

Exploring culture: why this man has the paint on his face?


Either in Puerto Lopez, Ecuadorian Jungle or in Puno you can meet autochthon societies with uncommon for Europeans culture and, very often, with a long history. For instance, near Puerto Lopez lives Salango community which roots reach back 5000 years. Direct contact with another culture is very enriching: you can feel like a true explorer when visiting people who live in accordance with nature, without computers, phones and TV.


adventure holidays to Latin America Tauri Travel

Challenging food: are you ready to eat it?


Try new kitchen from another part of the world. Among local meals, there are ceviche, encocado, cuy (a guinea pig), locro and others. Ecuadorian and Peruvian kitchens, although quite simple, both consist of fresh ingredients and can be described as healthy. We consider trying exotic dishes from the local restaurants as an amazing adventure, especially for people who are continuously looking for new tastes in the kitchen.

adventure holidays to Latin America Tauri Travel

Uncommon locations: don’t worry, we won’t get lost in the middle of the jungle.


Of course, Tauri Travel will take you to the most known locations like Machu Picchu, Quito or Lima. However, our tours would not be adventurous and challenging if we decided to bypass less popular but lovely or interesting places. As an example, beside Latacunga, we want to present you Quilotoa. Beside Quito, visit Teleferico. Moreover, so on. We do not want our tours to be „standard” as we believe that taking a group to the location of the beaten track can enhance the experience and make a visit more authentic.


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