„Don’t visit. Explore.”

Our story

Przemek, co-founder:

South America travelling specialist. I spent eight months on this continent on my own, trying to explore and understand a foreign culture as well as to master my Spanish.

My story:

Why have I decided to start running this business? I always wanted to see the world. However, it was difficult for me to afford adventure tours offered by other companies. While studying tourism management with Spanish, I gained knowledge & experience which are necessary when working within the tourism industry. On my compulsory year abroad, I chose to move to South America for a few months. I deeply explored Ecuador and Peru where I was living and learning a language. I also visited Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brasil. Tauri Travel is my original idea & concept. I believe that combining work with passion is possible.

Tauri Travel responsibilities: the author of many tours. Also, responsible for customer support and the cooperation with companies from South America.

About Tauri Travel
about Tauri Travel

Karolina, co-founder:

Sport & nature enthusiast. So far I have tried, for instance, parachuting, bungee jumping, paragliding, windsurfing, and skiing.

My story:

As soon as I finished high school in my hometown, I moved to the UK in summer 2014. In Wales, I studied economics with management course. I love travelling, so I decided to become a part of Tauri Travel. My another passion is writing; hopefully, you will enjoy my articles which are published on Tauri Travel’s blog. I believe that tourism can bring positivity not only to the life of travellers but also to the lives of native inhabitants.

Tauri Travel responsibilities: customer support, website content, social media content, marketing, and accounting.

about Tauri Travel
about Tauri Travel
about Tauri Travel

How has it started?

We, co-founders of Tauri Travel, have known each other since 2014. Although we studied completely different courses, we met at the University located in Wales. At first, our company was just an abstract concept, without a name or even a plan of development. But we knew one thing: travelling is our passion, and we want to link it with the professional life & career. The vision of organising fantastic adventure holidays to Latin America which make a positive difference to lives of native inhabitants was an incentive to sacrifice to this project.

Tauri Travel – a company with values

Tauri Travel is a 100% original project. We do not possess HR, finance or marketing department with severals workers in each of them. Our activity is based on passion, so, rather than employing a group of people responsible for judging, whether a particular advertising campaign is effective, we just share our photos, guides, stories, and articles. We believe that being authentic & trustworthy is the key to success. We are the company with values and mission.

About Tauri Travel – what do we do

Tauri Travel Ltd. is the company which specialises in organising low-budget adventure holidays to Latin America. Our services are run by passion as we aim to share the beauty of this continent with others. The mix of our knowledge, experience and engagement will allow you to enjoy the adventure of the life. The main services of Tauri Travel are:

1. Organising smartly priced adventure holidays to Latin America with a taste of freedom.

2. Providing the possibility for learning Spanish in local schools in South America.

In the future, we plan to enlarge our company and perform the following activities:

3. Organising custom adventure holidays for independent travellers.

4. Connecting volunteers with the organisations from South America. We believe that you do not have to spend the fortune to fulfil your dreams.

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